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Never divert attention when there is a load.
All shackles designed for lifting must have a (working load limit) stamped or embossed on the shackle.
Teamwork and Safety go hand in hand. Work smart, work safe.
Accidents can occur during any phase of operation. Make crane safety a TOP PRIORITY.
Crane operators: always be familiar with your equipment.
Always know the weight of the load to be lifted.
Remove unnecessary articles from cabs. A clean cab is a safe cab.
When operating a crane, if you don't understand the signal person's signals, do not respond.
During crane operations, rapid swing causes increased load radius, which decreases stability and reduces capacity.
Dents in lattice boom chords can reduce strength considerably.
Never allow anyone to walk or work under loads.
Do not operate crane if controls fail to return to neutral position when released.
Never allow a crane boom to hit or touch any structure. Contact may cause boom failure.
Employees performing any type of welding, cutting, or heating must be protected by suitable eye protective equipment.
Valve protection caps must be in place when transporting, moving, or storing compressed gas cylinders.
Power operated hand tools that are designed with guards, must have the guards in place when the tool is being used.
All synthetic web or round slings must be removed from service if the sling identification tag is missing, illegible, or incomplete.
Smoking in an area where batteries are being charged can cause an explosion.
A forklift overturned is the most common cause of fatalities involving forklifts. BE CAREFUL - WEAR YOUR SEAT BELT.
When driving a forklift down a steep incline, the proper procedure is to back down the incline with the load to the rear of the forks.
When hoisting personnel, the crane operator must remain at the controls when the personnel platform (basket) is occupied. (ASME B30.5)
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